Navigation Sensor Module


NGH 303G Unit Version incl. GPS


This intelligent module NAVIgates supplies data in NMEA0183 protocol within the intervals of not receiving any signal by the GPS-system. It supplies data of the relative position and therefore optimizes the actual location indicator.

The gyro-speed-module
NAVIgates consists of a connected between the GPS-receiver and the car navigation system or a host system. There is no need of a modification of the existing electronics in the vehicle.

If the signal completely stops, e.g. when passing high buildings or driving under a bridge or in a tunnel, the GPS signal will be generated continuously. (for a long period of time)

The GPS-signal received from the satellites has an intervall of 1 sec. Amongst these signals, the new position will be calculated according to the data of the sensors (10 Hz sampling time). Additionally the integrated algorithm increases the precision of the GPS data.

An OEM-version is available.


NAVIgates in a track inspection train of the
Deutsche Bahn AG
DB Track





























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